My Pax Vapor Review :Side Effects or Does it Work

It feels luxurious and it’s very discreet. All good things you would want in this sort of devices are available in this high quality unit. I am going to tell you everything I like about Pax Vapor and how it works. I will start with the overall design of this vaporizer which is super advanced compared to other ones that are out!!

What Is This Pax Vapor?

I am quite impressed with this one! This thing is one new portable vape. This vaporizer unit is made by a company called Ploom. Pax Vapor is pretty advanced and has some unique features that set it apart from others. It is really convenient to carry around and super easy to use. It’s also very small and discreet!! You can turn it on and off quickly which makes this vaporizer a great vape machine for use.

Pax Vapor Comes In Impressive Design

At the bottom of it, you will have the herb chamber or you can also call the oven and this part is pretty cool. The cap of this oven is really magnetic and to take it off, you just need to push it down one side of the bottom and the other side will pop up itself!! Then you just lift it off with your finger. You can have access to the chamber where you pack the real herbs. They designed this chamber at the bottom to maximize the surface area of the herbs that are actually heated. This is something really good for your vaping. After you fill it, you take the bottom piece and place it right back on. After this, all you need to do to turn the vape on is flip it over and gently push in the mouth piece and then its mouth piece pops out. Because of this act, vap robotically turns on and its light will glow purple when it’s heating up.

Pax Vapor Comes With Three Heat Settings

Another feature that makes everything about this Pax Vapor really easy is that it only has three heat settings to choose and to change the heat setting, all you need to do is pull out the mouth piece! There is a little groove on the back, just pull out the mouth piece while it’s heating up. Inside there’s a little white light with a button, push the button, it’ll cycle through the three heat settings: dark red is high one, yellow is low one, and orange one indicates default setting medium. I tried all three settings during its use for last few weeks! I thought all three settings were really good. On the lowest setting yellow light, you’ll get lighter vapor! On the highest setting dark red light, you’ll get a little more intense vapor. Just experiment on your own and see what you like. Post selecting your desired heat setting, time to pop the mouth piece back in and then it resumes heating up. I’ve found that actual heat-up times are just about a minute and that’s pretty quick compared to most vapes available in the market. Even when the battery starts to get really low, this still heats up in a minute! I think it is pretty cool.

Pax Vapor Comes With Power Saver Mode

One really advanced features of this thing is that it can sense when you’re using it. Pax Vapor obviously has some kind of motion detector. If you just decide you want to put this machine down for a few minutes, it’ll put itself into power save mode. How cool is that? Let me explain this. If you put the vape down and sits perfectly still for fifteen seconds, that front light will turn blue from green and this means that the vape entered power save mode automatically. When you are again ready to start vaping, you just pick this vape machine up and it just reengages the heater. I was pretty impressed with this feature because no other vapes I’ve tried so far had that feature.

Better Number Of Draws With Pax Vapor

I found that you can get quite a few draws out of this thing with a full chamber. It feels like it just keeps going and going. Compared to other portable vaporizers, Pax Vapor is right on-par with those. If you’re used to an at-home unit and you get this vape machine, just be prepared for the draws to not be that much strong. They’re a little lighter but you get a lot of them. So, given that this one is pretty efficient and it does produce a lot of draws!! I’d have to say that if you’re really looking for really nice experience then it’s probably more like one chamber per person. Keep this advice in mind if you plan on using this vape machine with multiple people.

Battery Inside The Pax Vapor

Battery life is an important factor before choosing this sort of device. Before going ahead, first thing you do need to keep in mind with the Pax Vapor is that it’s not a vape that you could use while it’s charging. If you want to check what battery life you have left, just shake the vape and it’ll blink a color on the screen. This is one of the other things you can do with this vape and it is impressive. There will be three colors; Red, Green and Yellow! If it is blinking red color then it means that it is going to die soon. I’m pretty sure that yellow light is about when it’s in the middle! Green color indicates that it is fully charged! So, when the vape finally does die, turn it off is push in the mouth piece and then, this is the charging dock that it comes with!! Place it right on top of the dock for charging! If the battery is fully depleted then you can expect it to get back to a full charge in just about an hour. Now, as far as how long a full charge lasts or how long you can actually vape with it, I got about an hour of actual usage before it died.

My Recommendation About Pax Vapor

Before I wrap it up, I just wanted to give reasons of my recommendation in this section. First one is certainly really cool design with Pax Vapor, I like it a lot. It comes with impressive magnetic cover to get to the oven or the herb chamber. If you want to change the heat temperature then it is also easy with this vape machine. And then once you pick the desired setting, you just take the mouth piece and snap it right back in to make it continue heating up. It does recharge in only ninety minutes and that’s pretty good. It is truly portable and super easy to use. That’s exactly what you want, a vaping device that’s really portable and easy to use. This one is truly a high quality device and it does the job it’s supposed to do. Last thing, I wanted to mention was about vapor quality and the taste. Of course, it’s a little on the light side! Still, the taste is definitely good and I personally thought that the potency was just about average. Overall, I’m really impressed with this thing and I really like Pax Vapor. It looks cool and I highly recommend it! So, if you’re looking to buy a new portable vape that is above average and comes in reasonable price, go for this!

Customer Reviews About Pax Vapor

  • David Bismarck says, “I used to hate the idea of vaping as I had tried vaping once but that vape was completely useless. I got this Pax Vapor on a website while searching for some good machine. This one is something really good in terms of throat hit. I’ll advise to give a as it is really great and comes in reasonable price. It is truly portable and super easy to use. If you are willing to try vaping then start with this product. It is a superb product and from last six months, I am using this. You will love this like thousand others across the globe. Try it once and I am sure you will love its flavor in a big way!”
  • Maria Fowler says, “Nowadays, almost everyone understands ill effects of tobacco smoking and moving toward vaping as it is pretty less harmful than tobacco smoking. If you are willing to try vaping then I will suggest giving Pax Vapor a try! It is really convenient to carry around and easy to use. This one is efficient and it does produce a lot of draws!! I am using it and this one is really a great product. If anyone wants to buy a new portable vape that is above average and comes in reasonable price then, I will recommend going for this one!!”

Where To Buy This Pax Vapor?

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